Business and leisure guests to Calvi



There are many sports practiced in Calvi; especially scuba diving, water sports (jet ski, water skiing, etc ...), horseback riding, quad biking, mountain biking, karting, extreme ports (paragliding), kayaking ....

Thanks to the partnership with leisure clubs, the Residence Motel Les Pins ** can take in charge the organization of:

- excursions to discover the most secret sites where you will plunge into the heart of the Corsican people, their habits and customs.

- Dives or, if you are a certified diver, explorations at B17- Plane or by the Revellata. N1 and N2 training stays are also possible throughout the year.

- Boat trips with or without a license for an unforgettable day at the Scandola Nature Reserve or the discovery of wild beaches.

- QUAD rides for a different and fun day. With a guide you will go on country roads in the middle of the maquis or by the sea.

Multi-activity holidays can be arranged in advance or on site according to the weather conditions.

And for beginners or advanced hikers they will find around Calvi many suggestions: the beach of Calvi which extends on 5 km., The Road of Artisans, the Chapel of the Madonna di A Serra, the Point of the Revellata, the GR20 ...

Here are some suggestions for hiking trails:

- VALLINCA (Tartagine Forest)
- URTACA mule track towards San Pietro di Tenda
- PIOGGIOLA Monte Tolu trail (chestnut forest, large transhumance paths)
- OLMI CAPPELLA paved path

The GR20

The first of 15 stages of the famous GR 20, whom connects the village of Calenzana to the refuge of Ortu di Piobbu (almost 7 hours of walking for 1500 meters of elevation).
It offers a succession of exceptional panoramas on the Balagne region and the Cinto massif.
Centrale locative Calvi