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Like every year, the football club of Calvi organizes a big tournament at Easter which brings together teams of young players from all horizons, OM, Monaco, Hyères ... and of course our Corsican teams. It’s also a tribute to the memory of Dominique Rutilly.
CHAMPIONSHIP XTRI 12/05 AND 13/05/2018

The triathlon club of Calvi X Tri is composed by thirty engaged members, eager to spread the passion of sport and the beauty of their region.
Their desire is to endow Corsica with a major triathlon and to place Corsica in the triathletes' course. They surround themselves with about fifty passionate sports volunteers who welcome the participants and facilitate the progress of the event.
The now increased participation and involvement of professionals is due to the following two development axes: Corsica_XTri counts for the French Triathlon Championships and the project of an inter-island partnership (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily) with the X-Terra label.
The event always takes place around the beautiful bay of Calvi ... in a warm environment with breathtaking landscapes! Trails that stretchs from the tip of the Revellata to the tower of Spano ,up to our mountain Notre Dame de La Serra; through new trails opened and marked by the association "Calvi xtri" ,bearer of the event.

CALVI ON THE ROCK 06/07 TO 11/07/2018

For young people the most popular weekend in Calvi is of course that one of Calvi on the Rocks which is placed under the sign of the sweetness of life. Through amazing sites, the intimate scenography and the sophisticated lighting give the festival a glamorous and warm dimension. The beach and bay of Calvi and its breathtaking sunsets, the famous citadel of Calvi and the Club Chez Tao, the Théâtre de Verdure, space at the foot of the citadel decorated for the occasion in a real living room ... This internationally renowned festival promises you an unforgettable weekend in Corsica Calvi.



A l'iniziiu c'era a voce.
Polyphonic songs are one of the most popular cultural traditions of our island. In order to perpetuate this heritage and to open it to other cultures sharing the polyphonic expression, the association U Svegliu Calvese in collaboration with the group of polyphonic singers A Filetta, created this meetings in 1988. They are today a musical “rendezvous” to spend a week-end in Corsica of a great quality where the voices of singers from all over the world meet and intermingle: Mongolians, Inuits, Tibetans, South Africans, Cubans, Sardinians ... Beyond its international scale, this event showcases all the space and architecture of the upper city whose heart beat to the rhythm of concerts, workshops and meetings dedicated to the art of singing. It’s also the possibility for polyphony-lovers to spend a weekend in Corsica to the sound of the best polyphonic artists.


Centrale locative Calvi