The Balagne Calvi and the region of Corsica


La Balagne is a small region located in the north-west of Haute-Corse between the Mountain Cinto (2710m) and the Mediterranean Sea.

During your stay in Corsica you should not miss this beautiful region of Corsica that is the Balagne. It extends from the Fango valley (in the southwest) to the Agriates desert (in the northeast).

Renowned for the beauty of its beaches and the limpidity of its waters, La Balagne is as rich in its history as in its heritage: you will discover small chapels, traditional churches, citadels and small hamlets where you will feel very quickly at home, without forgetting the warm welcome of its friendly residents.

Hava a stay in Corsica without visiting la Balagne, which is famous for being the jewel of Corsica, is unthinkable.
Its villages clinging to the mountains, its steeples, its hills and its plains stretching towards the sea give it all its authenticity, so many magnificent places that will provide you splendid memories of your stay in Corsica. Balagne is a small paradise that offers you hot summers with a maximum of 36 ° on the coast and 26 ° in the mountains alternating with mild winters (ski resorts at Mt Cinto!) The mild climate of the Mediterranean and the fertility of his soil earned him the nickname "garden of Corsica".

The sea, the piedmont, the mountain, these are the components of Balagne landscapes that you will discover during your stay in Corsica. The microregion of Balagne with its two main cities, Calvi, Ile-Rousse and its 36 municipalities, knows how to take advantage of their complementarity, with a range of diversified activities for your stay in Corsica, combining boating and wilderness. For example, you can fly from the mountains to the sea with a paraglider and a few meters from the landing strip you have the opportunity to glide on the waves on board of a jet ski or on a windsurf.
The hikes are at the same time pedestrian, equestrian and nautical. Bathing or river fishing does not exclude kayaking. Your stay in Corsica will be fully filled with all these activities in nature that offers the island of beauty.
This are only some of the exquisite wealth’s that the Balagne offers, so do not forget: a stay in Corsica without visiting Balagne is like a loner without a diamond!
All these activities that the Balagne offers for your stay in Corsica have a common denominator: the sun of the Mediterranean and a privileged climate guaranteed 8 months of the year.

In Balagne, Calvi is located north west of Corsica, like a diamond encrusted in the island. With its privileged proximity to the continent (at only 173 km from Nice) and its strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean, Calvi is open to the world and the people around it. Located less than two hours by plane from major European capitals, such as Paris, London, Milan or Amsterdam, it offers a change of scenery of distant destinations.

And if during your stay in Corsica you are visiting Calvi, don't hesitate to stay in a Calvi hotel or a Corsican apartment rental, in Calvi of course.

A stay in Corsica, yes, but when? It doesn't really matters, because the temperatures are always pleasant. Under the influence of the Mediterranean, in the heart of the Gulf of Genoa, Corsica benefits from a privileged climate, nuanced by the variations of altitude and the winds, and marked by a strong drought summer. The sun shines most of the year. On the coast, temperatures do not fall below 5 ° C in winter, and vary around 30 ° C in summer.
Autumn and spring are particularly pleasant for a stay in Corsica. The seawater temperature reaches 18 ° C in mid-May, climbs to 25 ° C in August and drops to 18 ° C in November.

Unlike Bonifacio, it is to Genoa that Calvi owes the imposing appearance she has kept. Even if Calvi, the capital of the Balagne region has become a very popular seaside resort dedicated to the tourism and the pleasures of the sea, it still retains behind its high walls, memories of its past as a fortified site. During your stay in Corsica,
Calvi in Balagne, you will feel how much Calvi is proud of its past.
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